See below some comments of our customers

We have customers in all Brazilian territory and until abroad!
We export to other countries of MERCOSUL by a fast and reliable system.
Our Representatives and Customer Service Department always find a way to reduce the distances and become everything much more practical and personalized.


Our team of professionals is always committed to the quality and to the results you wait for. Count on us!
  • “The partnership between us and Catuaí is based not only in the excellent service offered or the competence and creativity of its professionals, but in much more than it. Actually, after many years we are linked by the confidence, credibility and a sincere friendship.”
  • “Catuaí has all the necessary requirements to serve with excellence. Everything is delivered in time including when the deadline is urgent. Speed, productivity, quality and good prices make me have total confidence in Catuaí .”
  • Catuaí is our partner for over 10 years and always has offered an honest and quality partnership. The glue-applied labels made for us provide to our products an impeccable presentation. Catuaí invests hard in equipment and technology and as a result it is one of the best label printers in the market. The success of Catuai comes from of its high commitment, partnership and friendship extended to its customers since the beginning.
  • For us the partnership with Catuaí Rótulos is like a safe port where we always find professional and prompt solutions. The quality offered is increasing according the lasted technologies and it benefits all us. Quality, punctuality, good price and good service are all we request of a good supplier and Catuaí Rótulos offer all these requirements for our labels.