“This statement defines us because we offer much more than high quality for final prints. To serve with excellence, meet deadlines and check the results of the product labeled until after its delivery is the mission of Catuaí as well as its philosophy and sense of existence.

Everything here is made with pleasure and satisfaction because we are a team of professionals tuned and committed to the results since the first contact with the customer, the responsibility to close contracts, passing by the receipt and review of artwork according national and international requirements and going until the printing process and finishing treatments made by latest machines, fully automated.

This conception added to decades of services respecting our customers, understanding their needs and presenting them effective solutions conquered their confidence and provided us real partners and friends.

Since the beginning the couple of the company founders, Sir Hilton and Madam Vanda, have stablished our work philosophy which requires transparency and sincerity, features already incorporated by the company as its ideal.

Nowadays I and my brothers, my family, take part of this team devoted to take care of all details with efficiency and competence."

You can count on us!

Nilton Cardoso de Lima



Awarded Quality!

Awards are the consequence of our work quality. The recognition we gained you can check!


A history of love and dedication!

Almost 50 years!

It was exactly in the year 1967 when Sir Hilton and Madam Vanda came to live in Nova Fátima, a small town near of Londrina in the Paraná State. At that time they initialized their work with only a desk typographic printer. Sir Hilton had years of work experience added a young and entrepreneur spirit and this was the begging of Gráfica Catuaí, as it was known.

Years have passed and the company grew. Nowadays, Catuaí is a reference of excellence in labels printing. It is a result achieved not only by the quality offered but also by the knowledge of closure file and the partnership with agencies, bureaus and customers. Catuaí Rótulos is still in Nova Fátima town which is an advantage, because the company could form a tuned and committed group totally prepared to do its best always.

The company staff is its main heritage as well as its main feature!

We serve customers in all Brazilian territory and export to other countries of Latin America through a fast and reliable system.

Our Representatives and Customer Service Department always find a way to reduce the distances and become everything much more practical and personalized.

We are very pleased with all it. Each day we build a new stage in our history. For example, we have created with the mayor and SENAI a school to teach more than 200 children and teens of the town. We are prepared to the future because we are building it day by day!



Catuaí is proud to offer excellence in products and services. The company works with an Integrated Management System, besides of BPF as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHS 18001 Certificates.

All these actions together define the hygienic procedure and the necessary treatments to the facilities, equipment and staff.

Certified Company

Health and Safety

Good Manufacturing Practices



Management according the highest ethical standards!


Label and packages produced with agility and quality to the structure, visual and product information contents.



To be a national reference for labels print with excellence. To act in the packaging market with special technology offering added value to the products.



CATUAÍ creates, manufactures and trades labels and packaging to be used for different markets as Food and Dairy, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Agriculture or Technical. Acting in the national and Latin American market Catuaí try to achieve its following objectives:

  • To know, understand and supply the needs of our customers aiming their satisfaction and confidence as well as the success for both of us;
  • To compete in the Market through efficient quality management, social and environmental responsibility, good practices for safety product, employees health and safety and ethical practices;
  • To keep or improve the safety and health at the work specially through the prevention of injuries and illnesses at work giving priority to rotating equipment, cutting tools and electricity;
  • To identify and obey the applicable law and any other requirement;
  • To reduce waste and other emissions, use recyclable materials and do the best to conserve natural resources and to save energy during all processes to prevent the environmental pollution;
  • To offer capacity to our employees and treat it as a key of business success;
  • To apply Good Manufacturing Practices and renew Technologies improving continually all process of our business;
  • To promote the satisfaction of our employees, suppliers, shareholders and all interested parts.



Catuaí manages its business according the highest ethical standards, respecting the environmental, the human rights, the safety and health of its employees and of the society in general.