Carrying Out Of Modern and Bold Designs!

The Catuaí machines, precision technology and graphical park offer speed and quality through a new generation Flexographic High Definition printers, as Gallus ECS 340 and other that print in high speed, environmentally friendly, have a unique cold UV drying system and do not emit gases into the environment.

These printers are also equipped with an automatic control of register and cut, so they are able to print labels on any kind of substrate.


Exclusive Lab for Inks Preparation!

Everything produced here is cataloged and kept in the customer inventory to ensure the same quality standard for all its orders. Our commitment is to reduce environmental impact through sustainable productive activities.


Quality and Definition for Images!

Digital prototypes are the responsible to ensure the reproduction of the minimum artwork details and to favor the images quality and definition for flexographic printing. At Catuaí the digital prototypes are made in-house by one of the most well-known Brazilian digital prototypes makers which is our partner. After its use, the protocols are cleaned, dried, stored and kept ready for the next job.


Sophisticated software for artwork adjustments!

All prepress steps are carefully reviewed. As soon as receive the artwork our technical department analyzes the file and does the necessary brightness, contrast and colors standards adjustments through sophisticated software which provide great help for checking by dot gain simulation, trapping and overprinting.


3D Final product presentation!

As soon as receive a shrink sleeve label artwork Catuaí technical department does the necessaries adjustments through a software from Esko, called Studio Toolkit. It provides high accuracy in correction of distortions for perfect label fitting at the container. Then a 3D virtual modeling is created and sent for customer visualization of the 3D final product.


Enhancements make all the difference!

Catuaí offers and until advises the use of Cold and Hot Stamping as a finishing treatment because these enhancements are eye catching as they give gleam, elegance and sobriety to the label.

Our company is equipped with the most modern metallized printing by cold or hot foil stamping and others. Metallized bands in many different colors and gleams are available to be merged to the label. The result is an eye catching label and a more attractive product.

Other Enhancements

Catuaí has modern printing machines to offer technology for a variety of enhancements adding value to your labels and products:

  • Hot and Cold Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Fluorescent
  • Metallized
  • Reverse Printing
  • Aromatic Labels
  • Tamper